Let’s talk – person to person.

As kids, we were often fascinated to see our teachers outside the school premises. It is as if we didn’t think they had a life outside. What do they do, how do they speak, dress, and function?  Somewhere, this notion gets carried into our grown years, knowingly or unknowingly. And, most often then not, we end up seeing a person in line with their role towards us rather than an individual.  Interesting, isn’t it? One of the workshops I had attended during my student years around soft skills, called out this one point explicitly. We should learn to see a person … Continue reading Let’s talk – person to person.

Turning things around.

I am not a podcast enthusiast but follow a certain few that grab my attention. One that recently caught my attention is a Jay Shetty’s podcast that talks about the process of waking up and how most of us look at our phones as soon as we do, which means we push our brain from 0% to 100% on the go by scrolling through emails, social media, etc. Now that got me thinking. I, of course, know and understand the ill effects of watching the phone before sleeping and waking up to it. But what does that mean for a … Continue reading Turning things around.