Word play with food.

Who/what am I? Clues – I could either be a vegetable, fruit, spice, or a condiment. Got your pay yet? = Celery Drum roll, please. = Drumstick Let the beat drop. = Beetroot Guard the bottles. = Bottle Gourd Stay away from the rooms. = Mushrooms Pump the invites and call close to kin. = Pumpkin Stepped on your mate’s toe, did you? = Tomato Chilly, outside, isn’t it? = Chilli Is bae ill? = Basil Check the kitchen for leaks. = Leek How was the event? = Radish He has been green with jealousy. = Green Bean ‘Oh! Man … Continue reading Word play with food.

Food is life. And life is food.

Food! How soothing is this word, to hear? Every time someone says it, my heart starts to flutter. Yes, I am a food addict, and ‘I love food’ is an understatement. This is my religion; no bias, no judgment, no discrimination. OK, now! Keeping the drama aside. It didn’t quite start like this. There was a time when I used to hate food. Yes, I said it! Quick background: Those who know me know that I am ever so thin. Those who ‘really’ know me know that I have high BMR, yadda, yadda, yadda, or what I call the Jughead … Continue reading Food is life. And life is food.