Let’s talk – person to person.

As kids, we were often fascinated to see our teachers outside the school premises. It is as if we didn’t think they had a life outside. What do they do, how do they speak, dress, and function?  Somewhere, this notion gets carried into our grown years, knowingly or unknowingly. And, most often then not, we end up seeing a person in line with their role towards us rather than an individual.  Interesting, isn’t it? One of the workshops I had attended during my student years around soft skills, called out this one point explicitly. We should learn to see a person … Continue reading Let’s talk – person to person.

A quest to inner peace.

Meditation is known to lead one towards being mindful and self-aware. But how do you achieve that inner peace, and what is the right meditative process, especially if you are a person high on energy and tend to get restless quickly? While the answer to it is quite not that simple. Let’s bring back focus on meditation, and the options around this surprisingly vary to a wide range. I explored this area quite a bit because the traditional method that involves sitting in one place with eyes closed for a prolonged time, in its raw fashion, does not work for … Continue reading A quest to inner peace.

Gratitude without guilt.

We are often told to have a sense of gratitude with what the universe has blessed us with. That we might have troubles and turmoils of our own, but to appreciate the things that still keep us going. But what if, at times, the gratitude comes with a sense of guilt. I am fortunate to be in a space in life I am content with. I am surrounded by loved ones, have the basic human needs met, at a good headway professionally, and get to pursue my passion for writing. Despite that, I wished sometimes I could do more and … Continue reading Gratitude without guilt.

What’s your go to workout regime?

There is a method to everybody being. So, what’s yours when it comes to your favorite workout regime? Are you a gym person, more into outdoor activities, or practice yoga and the likes of it? While the options are many, after years of deliberation, I have found the regime that works best for me – Power Yoga. (Needless, to say, I have not explored ALL the avenues available around the world.) For a person who is high on energy, anxious at times, gets easily bored with the mundane, has one bad knee, and whose biggest pet peeve is co-existing in … Continue reading What’s your go to workout regime?