All that glitters… (Part-2)

I stand baffled. Feeling sick in my stomach, I pass out instantly.

By the time I gained my consciousness, I see the darkness setting in through the window across the hall. How long have I been out?

I gain my strength and stand up only to face the numerous portraits hung in the hallway.

Why do I feel like they are watching me? Why do I recall their heads turning to me?

With a heavy head and my throat dry, I start racing through the hallway to find some water to drink.

Nothing here makes sense.

After some random sprints, I finally reach the kitchen that is so big, it looks like it can fit a village. I get to the vast fridge and open it, and just when I think nothing can baffle me now, I see jars filled with things I can’t even fathom. It is hard to put it in words.

I ignore it all, tired of reasoning, pick the water bottle, and drown it down in a minute.

Perfect. That is not water, and just like that, I hit the ground again.

Pre-read – All that glitters… (Part-1)

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