One more slice.

An amazing cook, a marvellous creator, and a visionary in the culinary world.

These are some of the ways people introduce me or know of me.
Today is going to be another show and another spectacular creation by yours truly.

The preparations are yet to start.
Isn’t it too late?
What’s on the menu?
How will you manage?
I get asked.

And all I say with a beaming smile on my face.
‘I like my ingredients fresh, especially the meat.’

The hunt is just about to begin.

Author: Anusha

Anusha is an IT professional with a hobby in writing and passionate about the subject of mental health. She spent the more significant part of my life reading/watching anything horror, thriller, and true crime. Human psychology intrigues her, and she is that one person who sits in a crowded place and observes. Observes what it is like to be in someone's shoes or the thoughts that run through their mind as they race through this fast-paced world. Her motto in life is, there is always more to learn and a reason to always simile. Her spirit animal is either Tigger or Po; on occasions, a mix of both. Warning - she won't shut up about food and coffee.

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