Into the darkness.

There is always a choice.

But what if there is none.
The option of having a choice is it just a myth?

With my whims and quirks wavering, I was told I had a choice.

To choose good over evil.
To feed the wolf, I want to grow.

And, so I did.

I fed the good wolf.
I let it grow and well to its content.

Only, I did not realize that while I fed one, I starved the other.

By the time the realization hit, the starved wolf had decided to prey on its much-deprived feed.

It’s hunger now knowing no limits.

And, just like that, the good wolf ceased to exist.

Author: Anusha

Anusha is an IT professional with a hobby in writing and passionate about the subject of mental health. She spent the more significant part of my life reading/watching anything horror, thriller, and true crime. Human psychology intrigues her, and she is that one person who sits in a crowded place and observes. Observes what it is like to be in someone's shoes or the thoughts that run through their mind as they race through this fast-paced world. Her motto in life is, there is always more to learn and a reason to always simile. Her spirit animal is either Tigger or Po; on occasions, a mix of both. Warning - she won't shut up about food and coffee.

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