A letter to…



You ask why,
Why did I change?
What was the need?

Why can’t things be like they were before?

And I said this then, and I say this now, “to break the cycle.”


Every time I see you, I know the sorrow in your eyes,
for all the years, you shut yourself in and continue to do so.

Every time I see you, I see your struggle to cope,
to change the unchangeable, and to live a life that is deemed perfect.

Every time I see you, I know the happiness in your eyes,
for despite what your words say, your eyes say they can relate.


I see you now as I have not before.

I see you as two individuals, the one who is related to me,
and the other who is struggling to relate with self.

I might disagree with the former but empathize with the latter.

But in either case, both are forgiven.


Forgiving is not the same as forgetting.
But forgiving helped me move forward for the better.

And, I recommend the same to you, forgive yourself.
I understand the path might not be easy, but it is time now.

It is time to let go of your demons and to embrace yourself.
For the person you are. Different than those around.

But still, a person who deserves a chance at life. A happy one.

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