Bursting the bubble.

Last week, I lost my cool in a public place, and one thing I do when I lose my cool is laugh.

Yes, I believe in losing cool calmly and humorously.
Yes, the onlookers find it absurd and scary.

Here is what attributed to the situation.

My mum and I had to run an errand, and this activity involved an elevator to help us reach our destination. You would expect that the process of getting out of the elevator, if not in an orderly manner, is to allow those in front of you to step out first before you do, at the very least.

I had a woman standing behind me brush through me and step out, like the 5’4 individual in front of her did not exist. And, I am talking about a full-body brush through.

Now, one can say maybe she was in a rush for something important. Yes, a benefit of the doubt there.


This is a frequent occurrence in public places for me, and I noticed the pattern around, in general.

Now, COVID or not, I believe in the concept of a personal bubble. A hug by a friend or family or a pat on the back is OK, you have an understanding there, and I don’t mind the bubble bursting.

However, in public spaces, I see people being cautious about personal space towards a different gender, which is excellent. Then why not follow it with the same gender?

I have traveled a fair share in public transport during my time in Chennai, share-autos, and public RTC buses. So, I understand the woes of fitting into a compact place when you need to get somewhere and have no alternative transportation mode. Or shop in crowded areas. (#during non-COVID times).


When space is an option, or when the said area is filled with women, why is it naturally assumed it is OK to burst that personal bubble because you are of the same gender? It is beyond my understanding.

For the very few places I traveled in my lifetime, I observed this only in India so far. So, is it just our thing, or does it happen elsewhere as well? Because I can’t be the only one cribbing about it and dislike it with utmost passion. 😀

Disclaimer –

  1. I am a true feminist. This post has nothing to do with the ”women going after other women.” That is not the agenda.
  2. This is not a hate post towards any gender, region, or country.
  3. I am aware that India is a large country, and I have not covered all parts of it.

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