It is what it is.

This post is dedicated to people who are either accident prone or hold inadequate mind-body coordination skills. This is not to share tips on overcoming these traits but simply to let the acceptance sink in and chant internally ‘it is OK.’

As someone who carries both these traits, the conversations sometimes can turn really funny, and those listening might even think you are bluffing. And it is not their fault. 😛

Imagine if this was one such conversation –

Patient – Doc, I have this pain bothering me for a while now, and I wanted to get it checked.

Doctor – OK, how long have you had this pain? Did you fall or run into something unknowingly?

Patient – Silence

Doctor – Go ahead; this will help me narrow down the cause and diagnosis before running further tests to confirm.

Patient – Well, this is not a recurring pain. It comes and goes occasionally. Pause

Doc – Patiently listening That is OK, go ahead. Tell me.

Patient – OK, I ran into the wall this once, and a few days before, it was the bedpost, and then I fell down one day out of the blue, then there were maybe 3 or 4 other falls like that in the last year. I might have run into a few more objects around me, more or less around the same time. I think I also tripped over my other leg a few times. And,…

Doc – Sigh Please, I think we have what we need. Please get a full-body X-ray; we will see what the reports say. And, sometimes, change in the environment might help heal faster. Please consider moving to a secluded desert for a few weeks.

Patient – But, will this move really help? There will still be the wind and sand there, and my leg might get caught, and I might fall.

Doc – You know what, people warned me. They warned me that this would be a tiresome job, and I did not understand then. I am done.
turns to type the resignation letter.

Patient – So, do I bring back those X-ray reports to you, or would you be recommending me to another doctor.

Doc – presses the call button, and a nurse walks in. I need a doc asap.

1. I have the utmost respect for those in the medical profession and their patience on the job. This is a lighthearted, fun post and should be treated like so.
2. The dialogue might be a tad bit exaggerated, but my consultations more or less go on similar lines, and I am often lost on where to start and how to end. And, don’t get me started on the questions I have.
3. If you know of someone who is either accident prone or holds inadequate mind-body coordination skills, DO NOT tell them to be careful next time. Trust me, we try. 🙂

Author: Anusha

Anusha is an IT professional with a hobby in writing and passionate about the subject of mental health. She spent the more significant part of my life reading/watching anything horror, thriller, and true crime. Human psychology intrigues her, and she is that one person who sits in a crowded place and observes. Observes what it is like to be in someone's shoes or the thoughts that run through their mind as they race through this fast-paced world. Her motto in life is, there is always more to learn and a reason to always simile. Her spirit animal is either Tigger or Po; on occasions, a mix of both. Warning - she won't shut up about food and coffee.

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