When your worst nightmare comes true.

Have you ever thought of that one thing that you don’t want to be doing? Even in your worst nightmares, you don’t want to even consider a remote possibility you could be like that individual?

If you are from the Indian or the Asian community, this will make all the sense in the world.

Here I am on a fine day, taking a quick break to figure out the best way to store a set of ripe bananas to avoid those friendly tiny bees hovering around them. While I am at it, I hear noises next door.

Now, I know that I might have a new neighbor, as I noticed some movements around in the last couple of days.

When I sensed the possibility that these new neighbors are outside their door doing not sure what. I took it as a perfect opportunity to make a sly move to snoop on them.

To execute the plan, I rushed (earlier than usual) to collect my garbage bag and place it in the bin outside. While the plan failed and I reentered my house with no sight of this new neighbor, something occurred while closing the door behind.

Did I just become one of those aunties we often mock?

This moved me into a state of shock, and it took me a few minutes to recover.

On introspection, I realized if these were the non-covid times, I would have very well prepped a small dish and would have knocked on their door at a saner time of the day and officially welcomed them.

But with COVID, my paranoia, and since this event only occurred a couple of days after my first jab of vaccination hyping my paranoia, I might have resorted to this unthinkable act.

So, here I am, hoping and praying to the universe that this was ONLY one of those rare, never-to occur events in my lifetime.

Whoever said curiosity killed the cat never managed to share tips on how to save the cat.

Disclaimer – To the past, present, and future neighbors, where I am now, or going to be in the future, please know that I am a nice person in general, and I have often been told I am too good for this world. 😀

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