My cooking experiments.

So, here is something on the lighter side.

What does one do when they are blessed with quickly catching scents – far or near, is a foodie but doesn’t enjoy the process of cooking?

Do you see the catch here?

I recently moved out on my own, and one of the things I dreaded and always have when I had to stay on my own is the process of cooking. Now, I am a decent cook, and when I cook, I want the proper output a foodie would expect-# nopressure.

So, what is the catch here?

I tend to get lost in recipes, too many instructions confuse me, and when I refer to a recipe, I skim through it and wing it after. So, the end output might not taste like the authentic regional self but tastes good otherwise.

The scents, though, through the cooking process are a pain. I don’t cook when hungry. It is like the advice that says, ‘never shop for food when hungry.’ But, the tadka (tempering) in ghee makes my heartache. I just want to hug the Kadai (utensil) it is being used in. And, I know I can not, for the obvious reasons.

Needless, to say when the spices go in, Indian spices or otherwise. I just want to dive in and eat right away. But I stop myself, chanting, that the cooking process is still on, and worst-case scenario, I don’t want to give myself food poisoning.

So, you got to do what you got to do when the heart and mind are aligned and want that perfect dish. You just put a mask on and cook. Or open all doors and windows the house is provided with, all vain attempts to deflect the scents. With an end goal to see a beautiful platter ready that you know for sure will disappear within minutes and have no regret for absolutely.

A few clicks when I had the patience before gulping it all down.

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