The big sale.

A new house.
A non-negotiable requirement.
A realization that somethings can’t be negotiated.

Aira was looking to buy a house in her hometown. She wanted to stay close to her roots, and in some way, she saw this as one way to do it.

As the search started, she had only one request with the realtor that was non-negotiable. Even a house at its most nuanced appeal was rejected if that one requirement was not met.

Aira was looking for a house that did not have a basement or an attic.

She spent a fair bit of her childhood amidst the unknown and wasn’t looking to have it consume her again. That is the thing about roots, somethings just can’t be negotiated.

After a long search, when she visited #999 for an open house, it was no-brainier. A simple duplex at the corner of the street, with no basement or attic, sounded perfect.

Aira was so excited she immediately signed the housing agreement and planned to move in right away.

After a few splendid days in the House, decorating & refurbishing, she felt she could finally call it home.

Only weeks later she realizes, why the House was such an easy buy.

The House at the corner of the street was hard to sell.
The realtor saw no option but to flip the number on the door to push the sale. And who better than a naive and eager buyer.

And, Aira was the perfect fit.

But what the realtor failed to check is the houses’ blueprint.

The master bedroom’s roof had a hidden room, unknown to many.

Back in the days, it was a spectator room, but no one knew its story. All there was, was a tattered blueprint in the City Hall’s old records.

As for Aira, no one in the neighborhood recalls someone moving in.

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