The white linen dress.

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I sit by the beach and look at the waves.
Watching the tides follow the same pattern over and over.
It instilled a sense of calm, a sense of familiarity.
Like, something to look forward to, for now, and for the rest of my life.

Before I realize it, I see the sun starting to set, and as it does, I see the red in the sun transferring to the water in the sea.
As the water touches my dress’s hemline, I feel a sudden chill, and then I see the white linen absorbing the color as if it was blotting paper.

Red! how I always loved that color.


A quick blink, and I am back in the present now.
What was that? A dream? A hallucination?
It was as if I traveled in time.

But now, I see myself laying in a pool of blood.
And, the white linen dress no more white.

I gasp for air and think how disturbing this is.
Yet how regal everything around looks.
All encompassed in red.

But whose blood was it? I ask myself.

Just then, I feel a splash of water on my face and wake up to my roommate panicking. ”We will be late for the reunion party. Quick. Get ready.”

I quickly pull myself together, secretly whispering that I will never take an afternoon nap, ever again. I grab the keys, and we rush out of the door.

As we drive towards the college, I stop at the red light.
And, towards the corner of my eye, I see the sun starting to set and someone sitting by the beach. Wearing a white linen dress.

Image credits – Image by Jody Davis from Pixabay

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