The day, a hope for an exciting twist in life, turned into a twisted tale.

I pace up and down the hospital hall, waiting for my turn to visit the doctor. It was a general visit, and I was in no rush; I maybe just a little impatient with the waiting time. Then, I see him, the famous celebrity that holds special awards and innumerable popularity. Saying I was star-struck instantly can be an understatement.

I sprint through and make a chase, but like I was playing a game of hide-and-seek. I wanted a better view of the ‘star,’ and maybe speak a little, but I did not want to creep him out. No, no. Absolutely not.

Our eyes finally meet, and he walks to me. Exchanging Hi’s, we sit down to chat. I obsess over all the work he has done, and he listens patiently. I show my social media handles and fan pages I follow diligently, even boast off the one I created for him. He was awed in return.

He then suddenly goes silent and starts talking about missed opportunities and life left unfulfilled. And, I feel compelled to console him. It is only human.

I try to reason and continue to do so, and he turns to me and says that he visited the hospital with mild chest pain. He walked into the hospital’s main hall, saw me instantly get off my chair, and trail him. I immediately respond with a confession that this might be the most embarrassing moment of my life and smile slyly.

His expression did not change, and he continues as if he almost did not hear me speak.

He says that he had then felt an instant panic and a fear of a public ambush. With that, he started to race through the hall until his heart finally gave up.

As I stand up speechless, the lights around me start to flicker, and before fading away right before my eyes, all I hear him say is, ”It is too late.”

Image credits – Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

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