Keeping it simple – Part 3

Here are some tips&tricks in continuation to my earlier posts – Keeping it simple- Part 1 and Keeping it simple- Part 2. Do take a look at them; if you have not done so already, it will set a premise for this post. 🙂

What to wear, and what not to? –

  1. Firstly, I cleared my wardrobe to only retain clothes that spark joy and ones I use often.
  2. If temptation kicks in to purchase new, I keep the items in the online shopping cart for a week or two before placing an order.
  3. While looking for purchase, I started to think about how I can use them in multiple ways. I still need to work on the mix and match techniques, though.

Yes, I end up repeating my clothes despite the occasion. I have had surprised looks and reactions on why I can not buy more when I can. At the end of the day, I stress less on ‘getting ready’ and stopped saving items for a possible event that might come up or for when I put on or drop weight—total bliss.

Of course, the downsizing was methodical – I gave away the ones that were still in good condition and discarded the worn-out ones. And did so with much thinking.

Accessories – Yes/No?

I read that accessorizing is the key. You can change the attire’s look by working with mix&match, introducing various elements to the same apparel and style differently. And, this can be done just with a few essential items. However, this is an area I am yet to master. Again, baby steps (#self-note).

Stocking on personal items –

I purchase the right amount of personal items and purchase extras if needed, planning ahead for essentials ONLY.

Books, books, books –

I cleared the bookshelf and gave them all away. Ouch, I know. These were all books I read multiple times and were catching dust. It felt right to part so that their purpose is still served.

If you prefer physical books, partaking in book clubs to exchange books for reading is one way. I haven’t explored this area and less likely to. The introvert in me is not ready yet. For now, virtual books it is.

The household decor and other items –

  1. Minimalist decor in the house gives an illusion of a bigger space and makes the cleaning chores way easier.
  2. Reducing the utensils in the kitchen and having the right set/count of cutlery again saves space, but it also means you clean as you go.

The last bit might be challenging to manage, especially if you are staying with friends or family, and they don’t share the same ideology of this lifestyle. Which is entirely OK.

All in all, like everything else in life, don’t stress on in too much. Have open conversations with those in your life who might be impacted by this lifestyle change. And, don’t push it. What works for one might not work for another. So, inform with an intent to engage, not to convert those around.

With this, I end the series – Keeping it simple.

So, have you tried minimalist ways or the Konmari method?
If so, how was/is your experience?
What worked for you and what didn’t?
Does this work in a house filled with kids?
I am all ears. 😀

Image credits – Image by Екатерина Киселёва from Pixabay

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