Yet another year in.

Something found, something lost, something worth remembering.
A story like every year. Or is it?

We say last year has been the worst over the decades.

Maybe so because it was ours to experience, and the losses were ours to bear.

But as we do, over time, we adapt, and we evolve.
Whether time heals it all or not, we learn to survive.

Only to share our stories with generations ahead, on the hardships we faced and how a blessing in disguise the year was.

That it was a year of learning.
The year that re-instilled what was forgotten – how to be human.
How to be kind and how to co-exist. Or at least try to.

Learning that we carry into the years to come, till we become egoistic in our own being, again. And, till the universe decides it is time for yet another lesson.

Happy New Year to all. A toast to kinder days. 🙂

Image credits – Image by James Chan from Pixabay

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