Keeping it simple- Part 2

In one of my recent posts (Keeping it simple- Part 1), I started narrating my experience with a lifestyle alteration, and it got me thinking why to limit the discussion to downsizing only the physical items. What about the virtual ones, like the ones on our devices?

Take your phone, as an example; how often do you spend time in a day scrolling through? This could either be work or non-work related.

With the new normal and staying in 24/7, I, for one, realized my phone had become a part of my anatomy. With work apps, social apps, steaming apps, etc., if I was not at the computer, I was likely to be on the phone.

So, after a self-intervention, I resorted to a much-needed change –

  1. I deleted apps I did not use at least once a month, barring the apps for food & transportation.
  2. This clean up included extended work apps. After all, the laptop is only a few steps away.
  3. Cleared all streaming apps, but 1.
  4. Then, I charted the most frequently used apps to time the intended vs. actual use on each and their relevance in the category.

Four simple steps are all it took.

  1. My posture feels corrected as I resort to a laptop at the desk then a phone for non-work items.
  2. My eyes thank me because, through this exercise, I realized my phone has a digital well-being section where I can time my apps usage and set a black&while mode to ease my eyes when the surroundings are low-lit.
  3. My head feels great, as I don’t forget to wear glasses anymore. It is a habit to put them on when I am at the system.
  4. I ended up saving subscription costs on some of these apps and invested in things that draw my interest.
  5. The mind is at ease and not in a constant FOMO mode.

All in all, I believe it has been a win-win.

PS: This just me sharing my experience. I understand our choices & approach to the situation could vary, and I respect that. 🙂

Image credits – Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

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