Keeping it simple- Part 1

How interesting would it be to have all your material possessions down to a 24by18 box or even less?

Sounds very absurd, isn’t it?

I thought the same until I was introduced to the concept of minimalism and in combination with the Konmari method.

There are a bunch of articles online around these two topics if you want to learn more. The methodologies for me boil down to a couple of crucial aspects, and here is what helped me stay on the path.

By a fluid definition –

As the name suggests, a minimalist lifestyle is the one that considers just the right number of things you need. While the vital element of Konmari relays having only the materials that spark joy. In the process, you ensure the materials’ value (their life purpose) is met to its fullest.

I started my journey with this lifestyle change a couple of years back and realized that downsizing helps reduce a lot of clutter and saves space (physical and mental). I say material in a general sense because this extends to things beyond just clothes.

The downsides include –

  1. This lifestyle change by itself takes quite some time to get used to.
  2. You will have the urge to purchase, especially during special occasions.
  3. Of course, there is the occasional boredom that kicks in with using the same materials over time.

In the next set of posts, I will share more on my learnings and how it helped change my perspective towards life.

Here is one to start with –

Instead of changing your entire lifestyle the very next day after the eureka moment, take time. Don’t rush it. Rushing, it will only make you regress faster.

Image credits – Image by Jess Bailey from Pixabay

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