The new normal.

Disclaimer: Trigger warning – mental health.

Stepping out of the bubble into the outside world.

I wonder how safe it is?

Faces covered in masks help calm my nerves.

But what do I see? Is that a phone call they are getting?

And, there comes off the mask.

”The person on another end can not hear me”, they say.

”The place is not even crowded, so why worry,” they say.

”Don’t you know the virus is long gone, it is just companies money-minting,” they say.

It could be all three lines and more or one of the many.

I can reason with one individual or try to, but how do I with the many?

Then, I sense reasoning might not work here, and I take a step back with a humble note—a note to keep facts in mind. Why risk the own-well-being over an argument, I think.

But after I reach home and even hours maybe days later, the story randomly kicks in and repeats in my mind. Over and over again.

Not on the failed argument. But on the proximity between us, the same items in the market we laid hands-on, the change the vendor gave me, which is the same set they paid earlier, the safety of the people they go back to and the others around them, and their own self, I hope they stay safe, despite all of it.

Yes, I took all the precautions, but what if.

Yes, the thought does not sound logical, and I am aware of it.

But it is the paranoia; how do I reason logic over the crippling fear?

I can reason with one or try to, but how do I with the many?

Image credits – Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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