Word play with food.

Who/what am I?

Clues – I could either be a vegetable, fruit, spice, or a condiment.

  1. Got your pay yet? = Celery
  2. Drum roll, please. = Drumstick
  3. Let the beat drop. = Beetroot
  4. Guard the bottles. = Bottle Gourd
  5. Stay away from the rooms. = Mushrooms
  6. Pump the invites and call close to kin. = Pumpkin
  7. Stepped on your mate’s toe, did you? = Tomato
  8. Chilly, outside, isn’t it? = Chilli
  9. Is bae ill? = Basil
  10. Check the kitchen for leaks. = Leek
  11. How was the event? = Radish
  12. He has been green with jealousy. = Green Bean
  13. ‘Oh! Man another sin?,’ says the universe. = Cinnamon
  14. Safe run! = Saffron
  15. It is quiet & peaceful, isn’t it? Peas
  16. Chew your food right to avoid any hazards.= Artichoke
  17. Who said what? ‘Well, as per Gus….’ = Asparagus
  18. Spill the sauce. = Sauce
  19. How are the girls doing? Rosemary
  20. I will catch up with you soon, bud.= Ketchup

Update: Added the answers & two more items to the list – 19&20. 😀

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