What’s cooking?

You may not enjoy cooking or might not be a pro at it, but can you cook to survive?

A recent conversation poked the ‘thinking’ side of my mind and got me wondering why all children are not taught cooking in their early years. I understand that in some households, the gender of the child and cultural significance plays a significant role (not justifying, but that’s the reality). And in other houses, there might be an extra sense of pampering or fear of possible accidents with a child in the kitchen. Of course, I am not suggesting a toddler acquire the skills to prepare a full course meal but getting children, especially pre-teens into cooking, can be considered, right? 

Hear me out.

I loved being the sous-chef to my granny when I was a pre-teen and went to visit the village in my summer vacations, but the kitchen was strictly off-limits when I was back home in the city. For mum, cooking was a therapeutic process, and I was a riot. I not only enjoyed experimenting, but my methods were of the book, and I had a lot of questions. So, I believe mum decided to keep me out for her own sanity and also thought the accident-prone me will be less accident-prone with less exposure.

Years later, one fine day, when it was a green signal for me to go to the UK for my masters (which clicked at the last minute), I asked mum, how do I cook. She says, and I quote – ”Add water to rice grains to make rice and add water to lentils, to make sambar. Simple.” 

And I did just that in my initial days as I stepped into the student life. I did not realize then that there is a ‘this is to that ratio’ to get that perfect consistency with rice and lentils, so many types of lentils, I still can’t figure them out to date.

Fortunately for me, I had a very skilled and patient house-mate, who taught me the methods, and Manjula’s kitchen on youtube was my alternate savior. So, I was no pro, but the survival instinct kicked in.

So here is a piece of free and not-asked-for advice – Start getting your children into cooking irrespective of their gender and the chaos they can be. Yes, it would maybe need inhuman strength from your side. But then again, you don’t know where life will take them, and there is only so much Maggi one can eat. 

Here is a trivia –

Did you know Maggi – 2-minute noodles can actually be made in 2 minutes? The trick is to add the contents (minus the masala) in boiling hot water, let it sit while the heat is still on, and drain out the excess water. Take the noodles and mix with the masala. Now, everyone’s methods are different, but the trick is the boiling water. Also, for those wondering, boil the water in slow/medium heat rather than high. Saves gas.

#post not sponsored by Maggi.

Quick guide – 

Sambar – A lentil-based vegetable soup.

Masala – Fine mix of ground spices for added flavor to food.

Image credits – Image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay

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