An unexpected result

Disclaimer – Rant 🙂

”Universe has a wicked sense of humor.”

Over the years, if I learned one thing, is when things go out of hand, there is somewhere a subtle sarcasm you are graced with.

That subtle yet not so subtle sarcasm, in this case, happens to be a kid, more specifically, the siblings’ kid. I love that brat, but no one warned me that one should not spend too much time with the mum when she is expecting.

There was a point in life where I disliked kids. (Yes! I was that person). Until the time came when the sibling gave the news, years back. I wanted to mentally prepare myself, so I don’t despise the being; hence I was ”being there” for both, so to speak. It was all fun and games when the sibling and I used to go for long walks, gobble ice creams secretly, and had the much-needed bonding time.

The brat arrives, and my emotional radar takes a 360-degree turn. I went from disliking kids to loving them magically, within a second, after she was laid in my arms. And, unbelievably, so, as I kept volunteering in the toddler years to clean the poop and the nasties. That says it all.

As if I did not shock myself enough, the real shock arrives and still does today, as the brat grows and continues to evolve. Ideally, you would expect the majority of the personality trait comes from mum or dad or a combination of both. But the brat takes after me, and HOW? There is even an inside joke in the family that the brat is 98% me, 1.5% the mum, and .5% the dad. And, all I can say and think is sorry for my mum.

Oh, boy! You hear your life stories and listen to incidents you did as a kid, but when you relive those moments and see the real-life reel in front of your eyes, you feel sorry for those who had to deal with you as a kid, especially if you are the black sheep in the family.

I am now stuck with a hyperactive, over-enthusiastic, very talkative, and full of energy being. When I need to scold the brat for something impish that was done, I feel guilty. Not because I am scolding a being but because I would have done the exact same thing or even better did. The situation is so out of hand that when the brat gets, ”Don’t do this” or “Why, Oh! Why” from the mum. I am not sure if it’s meant for me or the brat, so we both respond. It’s all innocent fun, of course, but still, it is daunting at times. All I can say is poor mum and poor sibling. I guess it is what it is.

A word of caution, when your mum says, ‘Wait till you have kids, you will know,’ do watch out and stir away from friends & family who might be having kids as well. Maintain a safe distance and use technology to communicate. Keep the result in mind.

Image credits – Image by nvtrlab from Pixabay

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