. (You will see the pun)

I am not sure if this post goes under the ‘health’ section or ‘fuel’ section. So, ‘fuel’ it is, as that is the underlying rant here.

Yes, it is the period talk but not entirely so.

During  periods, apart from the apparent bleeding, symptoms, and intensity that tends to vary for those who experience it, there is a fine icing on the cake (#sarcasm).

Now, I get the scientific logic over the ‘Why’; however, what baffles me is the food cravings.

So, what does craving mean to someone during their cycle?

Especially for someone who is a foodie and can digest anything edible?

How much does one stack up to ensure they don’t have to step out exclusively to shop?

We know well how the situation can quickly escalate, leading us to buy an entire shop rather than that one chocolate.

What do you do in that case?

  1. Prepare an emergency food-kit with a ”no-touch” policy for others.
  2. Make sure the kit does not hold any allergens or items you are not allowed to consume medically. 
  3. Consider the cycle when planning the kit. The cravings can attack you before, at the time, or after the process. Or even better (#sarcasm again), they last throughout.
  4. To be safe, keep the kit handy at ALL times, despite the cycle. It might even be ideal for those whose periods tend to be irregular owing to various medical conditions (#been there done that).
  5. Most important of all, don’t feel guilty and eat all you can while you can. You might even use this as an excuse and load up on extra goodies.
  6. For any reason, if you have achieved the divine gift of controlling these cravings, tell me how? I tend to slightly go overboard on my share and pick on others’ kits.

Image credits – Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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