A sorry.

Is it ever too late to say sorry?
(No, this is not about Justin Bieber or his songs) 🙂

Think about this.

We have all made some mistakes or had our differences over time, with those we cross paths with. Somewhere along these paths, we grow apart and much to each other’s dismay with a bitter note. If you had to look back, think about how it all started, and what led to parting ways, would you be open enough to say a heartfelt sorry? Or is it just too difficult?

Maybe to say sorry for intentionally hurting someone while there is no excuse for the act?

Maybe to say sorry for hurting someone and being oblivious about it till that day?

Maybe to just say sorry, we were different people at different life paths, and we just didn’t see eye to eye?

This might not be to mend anything broken or gain forgiveness over the ramifications caused or a plot for a reunion. This is a sheer cleanse of conscience, an effort towards self to try and make amends where possible.

Because when you are old and at your last few breaths, you will reflect on those conflicts and wonder how they started in the first place and think, were they even worth it. And you will have only one person to justify to.

Fascinating on how this ideology suddenly changes our viewpoint, right?

Image credits – Image by freestocks-photos from Pixabay

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