Life is a lot like this.

Life is a lot like this.

You go up to the terrace on a lovely winter evening with a hot cup of spiced tea. You take a breath of fresh air and enjoy your cuppa. And, with the last sip, you wonder what to do next. You leave the empty cup behind and walk to your favorite spot and suddenly feel the rain pouring in on you.

As you play in the rain and jump in the puddles, you slow down to notice the environment around you, the walls next to you that is dripping water, the floor where you stand – little smooth little rocky balancing the water in their palms. Then you start playing with one such small rock and caress it with your big toe and nudge it a little. Only to realize that what you thought was a hard rock was nothing but hardened pigeon poop you just squished.

You reflect on life decisions that led to this moment, wash it off, and move on—the trauma seeping in once in a while.

Another day comes by, and it rains again. You repeat what you did back then but with a little more caution this time. Because you learned your lesson, and you are wiser than back then. Now, you know better.

Image credits – Image by JanneG from Pixabay

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