Let us talk – IF.

Weight management, a personal crisis, a recent experience, and a revelation.

Over the years, I have looked out for various weight management techniques purely from the health benefits side. But I could not stick to any without feeling deprived or give in to extreme cravings. The problem was simple for me – a heavy consumption, especially junk/outside food.

In the quest for healthy weight management, not so recently, I fell upon the concept of portion control, which took a sudden detour to intermittent fasting (IF). IF by itself is a tricky subject, and there are numerous articles one can find online. To start with on the timing and gap between your two meals, ranging from a 12-hour interval, 16-hour, 24-hour or alternate days regime. I had my own time stumbling around this because with a high metabolism and a system used to over-consumption, following IF was difficult, even so, if the gap was in the time I was awake. After a few trials and errors, I finally found a model I could adapt to without feeling the concerns I had before. It boiled down to having an early dinner by 7.

It then dawned upon me that this was exactly what my grandparents’ generation (at-least those I have known) were doing. An early dinner and no snack after. That simple.


  1. I am neither advocating nor defying the IF model; this is just the two cents from my experience.
  2. The focus of this article is purely on healthy weight management and not on weight loss.

Image credits – Image by HNBS from Pixabay

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