Define forever

‘We will be together forever. Just say, ‘Yes.’

She responds,
‘Forever is a myth, isn’t it?
Does it imply the life now or the one after?
Even when buried 6 feet under, our bodies rot at a different speed.
So, what is forever?
Is it the last of your breath or mine?’

‘What is forever?’
She asks again as she stands over his casket.

After the final goodbye, her friends impose, ‘We will stay over tonight, don’t worry, we will get through this together.’

To their awe, she responds, ‘No, that’s alright. Thank you. I just need some time alone’.

She gets into her car and drives off, only to stop at a small cottage deep in the woods. She walks in with the door wide open and asks the man there if he is ready for tonight.

As they go through the plan one last time, he shrugs and says – ‘It would be great if you can refer me to your friends. Here is my card.’

The card in a chiller font reads the title in bold – Taxidermist.

She takes the card, smiles at him, then looks down to her locket, and says to it – ‘Forever might be a myth. But you promised.’

Image credits – Image by MeHe from Pixabay

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