Before I had my coffee…

What is life, if not a comedy of errors?

Some of my best life stories always start with, ‘before I had my coffee.’
I am not a coffee addict and can go days without coffee, but we always have those days where we absolutely need the sweet poison. For the very least, to function.

A week back, I had to take care of a family member at the hospital (PS: NOT COVID), which had us stay at the hospital for about 3 days. And, I needed my coffee fix – black coffee, that is so strong and bitter that it can burn my soul (like I always quote). That brings me to a few comedy of errors while my brain was fogged.

Exhibit 1 –

When you are on the constant move, you tend to count the items on hand, so you don’t misplace anything. Right?

Returning from the postoperative care to an empty waiting area, after visiting the family member, I take a count and find 1 item missing. A water bottle that I left by the bedside. Like any reasonable person would do, I throw my hands in the air and ask myself out loud, why I had to forget that 1 thing, acting out with explicit body language. That too after, taking off the attendant overall and gears.

Just in time, a couple of surgeons walk by, and I simply had to smile it off (behind my mask, obviously) and say, “Sorry, don’t mind me. Just talking to myself.”

Exhibit 2 –

Post the said surgery, the assigned room was exactly 10 steps to the elevator, and right there, in its true glory, was a mini coffee shop managed by a lady. (This shop had a coffee machine with fresh ground beans. Bliss!)

I walk towards the shop, only to realize I did not have my mask. I request the kind lady to prepare a double shot espresso while I wear my mask and return. I come back with my mask on, collect the espresso, pay for it, get back to the room, and sit down to enjoy the beverage. But something was not right? It took a few seconds to realize that I almost had the first sip with the mask on. Few drops of espresso were sacrificed in the process.

Exhibit 3 –

I made sure to check the open and close timings on this mini coffee shop on day 1, itself. But on day 3, out of mild desperation, I ran to check on it well before time, that too one too many times, only to be faced with disappointment.

Now, this is very picturesque.

I walk towards the shop one more time. I can sense deep in my heart, it is open, all while I was still a few steps away. But I could not see the lady who manages it. As I got a few steps closer, I saw her sitting down, and she was hidden behind the counter. With utmost excitement, I let out a squeal and run towards her with open arms. Did I mention already, I was mildly desperate?

Let me stop with this for now.

Funny enough, I am also contemplating my life decisions as I write this post, fully aware that I have openly talked of the blog itself with my work colleagues. Let me go with the flow, for now, coffee past midnight is never a good idea.

On second thought, I should probably consider making this a series or even write a book, titled – ‘Before I had my coffee.’

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