The one-time I had an ear-worm.

Rains. How I love them.

Sitting by the window on a rainy evening with a hot cup of coffee that has just a pinch of cinnamon, my favorite book by the hand to read, occasional long stare out of the window, and soothing music in the background—a perfect evening.

As I take my next sip of coffee, I suddenly remember the tune to a song. I take a pause, close my book, and start to think of the song lyrics. It’s right at the tip of my tongue, but I can’t seem to recollect it. What’s that called? An ear-worm – when a song is stuck in your head. I ignore the urge and start to read my book.

A sudden gush of wind comes through the window giving me the chills, I close it almost immediately grabbing the blanket next to me. ‘Wait! What is that song, now?’ I say it out loud in annoyance. Then I hear an answer from what seemed like the other side of the window.

I get startled thinking there is someone out there but who can climb 32 floors, right?

I slowly take a peek at the window and release it was just my reflection, smiling back at me. Phew. I finally have an answer.

Image credits – Image by GimpWorkshop from Pixabay

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