Just a thought.

I recently started sprinting through the “Friends” series before saying my good-bye to Netflix (for the third time).

One episode caught my attention to an issue I was dwelling upon for a while to share here. The following is quite a generic statement, and I respect that some viewpoints can be different than what I have to share. However, I would insist you give a benefit of the doubt, read in, and think critically.

(#Trigger warning – Mental Health).

This episode I am referring to is the one where Rachel is in a relationship with Paul. In a gist, she insists he open up emotionally, and when he does, it all becomes too overwhelming to absorb. Both were right to react the way they did given the moment. But here is more to think over.

Mental health is a tricky subject due to its sheer complexity. It is excellent to open up and share our woes&worries, to those who are close to us. But that also comes with an understanding that the person who is listening might/might not always be equipped to help or might find it hard to comprehend or just feel drowned. And, that is nothing to feel bad about by either party.

To the ones ‘being there’ –

  1. You don’t have to have answers, the key is just listening in.
  2. If you are listening in and find the information hard to absorb, that’s totally fine. You are human.
  3. Be mindful when offering help. It’s like a box of confetti, and you don’t know what to expect.
  4. Don’t judge or pick particulars from this conversion in the future discussions.
  5. Don’t beat your self for not being able to help.
  6. ALWAYS suggest seeking professional help.

To the ones ‘sharing’ –

  1. It takes immense courage & trust to open up and pour your heart out. So, kudos to that.
  2. It is equally heartbreaking if the individual does not reciprocate the way you had expected. That is a bet you got to take.
  3. Understand that the one listening might be amidst their own chaos, and it might be difficult for them to relate at that moment.
  4. Don’t beat yourself for what you are having the other person go through or might think of, as you share.
  5. Sharing nevertheless is the key because not everyone thinks of calling a professional as the first thought.
  6. But, ALWAYS seek professional help – online or offline based on your comfort.

Image credits – Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

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