A warm summer evening

The heart is filled with fondness when the scent fills the air.
It’s just rain, but a sudden rush of nostalgia hits you, and you are taken back. Back to those sweet summer holiday trips to your grandparents, you took as a kid.

The short visits to villages.
The special treats that welcome your arrival.
Chasing of ice-cream carts with your cousins.
And then the sleepover on the terrace with the entire family.

But right before the setup, when the terrace gets sprayed with water, the scent that floor emits as the water touches it on a warm summer evening. You take that one long and deep breath to make sure you capture its very essence. Afraid to breathe out instantly but also wanting to take that second-long breath and more. Till you draw out the final nodes of the scent with a sense of fulfillment, preserving the point in time.

Nothing else matters at that moment. The world suddenly becomes a better place, and you have instant gratification on your very existence.

Image credits – Image by AL-MUT from Pixabay

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