A quest to inner peace.

Meditation is known to lead one towards being mindful and self-aware.

But how do you achieve that inner peace, and what is the right meditative process, especially if you are a person high on energy and tend to get restless quickly?

While the answer to it is quite not that simple. Let’s bring back focus on meditation, and the options around this surprisingly vary to a wide range. I explored this area quite a bit because the traditional method that involves sitting in one place with eyes closed for a prolonged time, in its raw fashion, does not work for me. It always leaves me teary-eyed and yawning after the very first minute. So, the regulated breathing fails, and it appears like I am bawling my eyes out for no reason. Or there is the other extreme when I get into the zone of Po (Kungfu panda 1 – final scene with Shifu). (I have nothing against the traditional method and have the utmost respect for those who follow it.) Then I came across options where the goal is still met, but the technique used is different and, in some cases, unconventional. 

After a few trial and errors, here are the top 5 methods that work for me, that I would like to share for those who face a similar struggle – 

  1. Doodling. Though I am pretty bad at it, that’s not the point here.
  2. Stare at your reflection. It feels great after the initial creeps settle in. 
  3. Slow ‘go-with the wind’ movements, that may/may not constitute to dance.
  4. A quick 5-minute meditation followed by an active 30 mins work-out. The latter part balances it out.  
  5. Staring at the sky. Find an open space, lie down on your back and follow the clouds or stare into the oblivion. 

What are your top 5’s?

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