A case like no other.

“We are ready when you are,” says the superintendent to the detectives.
The detectives walk down the hall and turn to the interrogation room.

Detective 1 to Detective 2 – “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Detective 2: “Yes, I need to know.”

Detective 1: “Know what?”

Detective 2: “Why?”

The detectives stare at each other and look through the two-way glass, the accused turns his head at them and smiles. Like he could sense them standing there, their exact position to make that eye contact, to showcase his proud moment.

Detective 2 shrugs, walks into the room, and sits opposite to the accused. Lays down some papers, some photos and starts the routine process. Reading his rights, lets him know that they have all the evidence to charge him for 1st-degree murder.

Detective: “For the record, can you please state if you accept your crimes and you are confessing to them.”

Accused: “Yes, I do. It was all me – 3 years, 6 killings each year, each in a different style.” Goes to boast more on it.

Detective: “We are done here. A police officer will escort you now.”

Accused: Smiles, again.

Detective heads to the door, and before opening it, turns back, gathers the courage, and asks – “Why?”

The accused responds – “It was just a game. You got the best detective award 3years back, and I wanted to throw in a little challenge, for fun. But, I just started having a little too much fun while at it.”

The detective walks back to him and silently puts down her wedding ring on the table.

Accused – “You know I still love you. You will forever be my beloved wife, and I will continue to challenge you one way or another. That’s how much I want to see you grow and succeed in your job.”

Image credits – Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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