Knock Knock

<p value="<em>Knock Knock.Knock Knock.

<p value="<em>Who is there?Who is there?

<p value="<em>Hope.Hope.

<p value="<em>Hope who?Hope who?

<p value="<em>Hope you are not lost.Hope you are not lost.

It all started with a silly knock-knock joke. Hope just moved next door to Stooge’s, and they instantly become friends. They became the best of friends. They get each other like none other.

Hope once asked, ‘Why Stooge?’
‘I don’t know, I guess I was always called like that, so that became my name now,’ replied Stooge.

Stooge and Hope would always be together, lost in their own little world. Hope would come by every day; they would stay in and play all day long. You could always hear loud laughter if you pass by that house. The world did not understand their friendship, but it did not bother them. Like Stooge always said, ‘Hope, you truly are my only hope,’ before letting out a loud laugh each time. Silly jokes were their thing from day one.

One day that summer, Hope’s cousins came over – Vex, Ire, and Ennui. Vex always insisted we play by her rules and Ire by hers. Though Stooge did not like either Vex or Ire, she didn’t complain because she did not want to hurt Hope. And, no one wants to get to the bad side of Vex, anyway.

Only for a few days,’ Stooge thought.
Few days pass by, and with no news of them leaving, she inquires, but to her dismay, Hope says, ‘They are here to stay, for good. Sorry, I can’t do much. They are my cousins, after all.’

It all went downhill from there. Stooge could not take the chaos anymore but did not know what else to do and how without losing Hope. After much deliberation, Stooge finally sat down to dinner that night with her family and took off early to bed.

She wakes up the next day with a heavy head, a doctor by her side and worried looks from her family, she couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

The doctor then looks at her and says, ‘Ray, you have been skipping your medicines, haven’t you? You must take them on time and as recommended.’

As the doctor leaves the room, Ray ponders. ‘Have I been hallucinating again?’

The next day on the news, ‘3 teenagers missing from their vacation cottage.’

The family immediately turns off the TV and look to each other, “We can’t keep doing this.”

Image credits – Image by Mareks Steins from Pixabay

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