A divine addiction.

We each have that one food item that we are solely addicted to ever since our childhood. It could be the taste of raw salt, raw mangoes, lime, or just about anything that you never could get tired of having and drives those around you mad.

Mine revolves around a certain obsession with ghee (a type of clarified butter) and its counterparts. Though, for the most part, it is just ghee.🤤

I recall my first encounter as a kid when my grandmom used to feed me. One of the dishes I loved (still love) is rasam topped with malai.

(Rasam is a soup made with a concoction of pepper, garlic, cumin, tomatoes, and tamarind; best served hot. Malai is milk cream in a clotted form. It is the thick layer that forms over full cream milk when it is well boiled.)

When there was no malai, the substitute was ghee. And hence, started the affinity.

Some of the best combinations I am obsessed with till date are –

  1. Plan old pigeon pea lentil soup over hot rice and a generous amount of ghee.
  2. Mango (aavakaaya) pickle. The hot rice and generous amount of ghee, remain standard.
  3. Milagai podi (magical powder made with lentils and spices). Yes, again topped over hot rice and a generous amount of ghee.
  4. Ghee dosas. (Indian pancakes)
  5. Ghee idli and podi.

I stress on the word generous because I do go overboard with my generosity most times. Guilty!😊

The counterparts of ghee relatively have less hold.

  1. Bread and butter. Though the best portion of butter is consumed spoonful.
  2. Malai topped with sugar.
  3. Roti (Indian flatbread) with butter and cheese.

And then came the latest discovery- Bullet coffee (with ghee).

It was a beautiful journey so far, though I still can’t fathom how my system didn’t fail with all the greasy goodness going in.🤷

One day, over a discussion on lock-down food habits, I disclosed details that lead to an intervention from multiple people. In the process, I realized the amount of ghee I have been consuming in a day.

The lock-down meant home food, home food meant rice (South Indian 🙋‍♀️), and there is always easy access to fresh ghee. While the above listed are the best combinations, I couldn’t deny myself on others. The daily consumption had gone anywhere between 4-6 spoonfuls. And, No! I am not talking tablespoons here. The realization was always there, consumption was a conscious decision, but I was unwilling to accept it until that day.🤨

Since last week, I have been trying to minimize the intake, and the only thing that keeps the temptation away is to look in another direction when I fill my plate with rice. Harsh but had to be done.😬

Stay home, stay healthy!

PS: All this and now is not for fear of putting on weight but with a notion that my system might just get pissed and flip, one fine day. Aging woes. *sigh* 🙄🤫

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