The secret ingredient.

Ma never let us in the kitchen.
Neither at home nor at her restaurant.

Years later, she lies on her death bed and calls in all her near and dear ones for one last gathering.

“I have something to share.
The key ingredient to my secret recipes.
It’s in a hidden compartment of the restaurant’s deep freezer.”

She smiles with pride and takes one last breath, leaving everyone in the room, confused.

A few days after the ceremony, we head to the restaurant, go up to the deep freezer, and start looking for the secret compartment.

After a few minutes’ search, we find a box filled with ice. On chipping through the ice, we pull out a plastic bag. And in that plastic bag was a neatly folded paper.

This is a big deal. Ma was always protective of her recipes, and none of us thought we would see this day.

With an invisible drum roll in the background, I step to the front and take the paper out to read.

“C’mon, what does it say?” Ask the curious lot.

I turn around, clear my throat, and read – ‘You wish.’

Everyone bursts out laughing.
Ma always did have a good sense of humor.

Image credits – Image by G4889166 from Pixabay

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