Life and its ways.

Max has always been uber positive and fun. He loved being outdoors, enjoyed the company of his friends, and was always the center of attention. He was the star!

But as life has its way to jinx all the good things, Max was jinxed too. Everything changed one day when his mum announced that they are moving.

‘Why do we have to move?’

‘When are we returning?
‘Can my friends not come with us?’

‘So, many questions. So, many unanswered questions.’

The preparations started, and every corner of the house he runs to; all he hears is THE MOVE. He did not take this too well and shut himself from the grownups. And finally, the day was here.

The new place was not so bad, after all. In fact, Max started to love it, so beautiful, so serene and the Eiffel tower – that was his favorite spot. But this love lasted only for a couple of days until he started missing the hustle & bustle of New York, the amazing events he was always invited to. Most of all, he dearly missed his friends.

‘Will I ever be able to make friends again?’ he sighed.

But life has its way, and it does not always jinx the good things. One day when he and his mum were walking down the road, someone called out his mum’s name.

The mums clicked instantly and he sensed that, though he could not understand what they were talking about. It was a language he was not familiar with. All he got was the word ‘neighbour.’

Who is that hiding behind?’ He was intrigued.

Finally, the introductions took place. At the start, he found it difficult to understand his new buddy, but Max was a quick learner, and just like the mums, they had an instant connection as well.

And guess what? He just got invited to the first birthday party.


He was so delighted that he let out a bark so loud he didn’t even know existed in him.

Image credits – Image by animatoreman from Pixabay

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