What’s your go to workout regime?

There is a method to everybody being.

So, what’s yours when it comes to your favorite workout regime?

Are you a gym person, more into outdoor activities, or practice yoga and the likes of it?

While the options are many, after years of deliberation, I have found the regime that works best for me – Power Yoga. (Needless, to say, I have not explored ALL the avenues available around the world.)

For a person who is high on energy, anxious at times, gets easily bored with the mundane, has one bad knee, and whose biggest pet peeve is co-existing in an enclosed workout area with air-conditioning on; Power Yoga seemed like the best fit. 

To pen down, here is what I have gathered- 

  1. Plan days and areas of focus each day, ahead.
  2. Pick a place with some ventilation; these days, it’s ‘home sweet home.’ 
  3. Add a few breathing exercises for a quick 5 mins, in the beginning, and at the end of each session.  
  4. Give a pat on the back even if some-days don’t go as well as the others.
  5. Break into a 10-minute workout session in the middle of the day, if I get a chance. 
  6. Avoid over prep for the day or on the day. 
  7. Not stress on it too much.

 I must confess the lock-down has made the discipline a bit of a struggle, and there are the good and the not-so-good workout days. But the attempts continue, as always.  

What works best for you, and why?

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