The deadly clinks.

Clink, Clink, Clink.

The sound of those anklets has been driving her crazy. It’s the same sound every night, the same time, and it sends shivers down her spine. She wanted to open the door one too many times, but something stopped her.

“Isn’t this how people die in horror films? Why feed the curiosity. Let me just brave it up.”

Today, I am not letting this clink distract me. I am going to prepare something interesting for dinner and put on something nice to watch on TV.”

So, she goes off to prepare her favorite meal. A few moments later, she has the dinner plate in her hand and puts on a comedy film.

Wait! She pauses the screen.

“Why is the sound getting louder today? Why do I feel it moving towards the main door?”

She chokes on her food, takes a moment to recover, and almost manages to catch a breather. Then she hears a knock at the door, and her heart skips a beat, quite literally.

As her spirit leaves her body and wanders into the corridor, she sees her new next-door neighbor standing outside her house, holding a box.

“Why do I smell something sweet? Was she the one who knocked?”

And wait, SHE has the anklets ON. Oh! The clinking sound! So all this while……”

A pat on her back brings her back to reality. She turns around and sees a she-ghost who lets out a huge laugh and says, “You do know that Indian she-ghosts wear saree and anklets only in movies, right? That’s not our universal dress-code, otherwise. Should we get started with your orientation program, then?” 

Image credits – Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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