Whatcha doin’?

What hobbies are you picking up this season?

During the quarantine, some of us might be picking up a new hobby while some of us might be looking to bring back an old and almost forgotten one.

What kind does yours fall into? Is it a conventional one?

One of the many hobbies I had was to make demonic or any weird noises. I picked it up in my younger days, watching horror films, and before I knew it, I became a moderate pro at it.

As one could imagine, this was not appreciated at home. It was not like I mimicked characters from every genre. I was mainly focused on one dreadful one (pun intended). So, I was humbly asked to NOT showcase my talent anymore. I found a loophole and used to practice only when the coast was clear. Not to brag, but at one point, I almost gave myself a scare listening to the sound I had just recorded on my phone. I still continued the practice, but the frequency drastically reduced. To date, I have been asked tone down when I initiate attempts at home, and for the undeniable reasons, I can not try this outdoors.

Very recently, I was watching a horror film with the family, and as the background music starts, without realizing I played along. This resulted in one of two things – I re-discovered that old habits die hard; I might have to look out for a new place of stay once the lock-down is lifted.

Image credits – Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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