WFH WT🐟(V.2)

Around three weeks back, when the lock-down was announced, and so was the mandatory work from home, I wrote a short tips&tricks on efficient work from home scenarios – WFH WT🐡. Over the weeks, I have learned that maintaining these habits is terrific and do-able, but we should also leave room for slight changes. And why not? We learn as we go, and there is always scope for customization as it is for change. 

So here I go with where I stand today. 

Burn that bed. 

‘Just do it. Ok! That might be drastic. Maybe make your bed first thing in the morning.’ It is still a good habit, work from home or not. So you might want to consider sticking to that one. 

Get ready! 

Let us be real. There will be days when this is possible and days when it is not. You might have to log-in earlier than expected, especially if you are working for time zones different than yours. Or, there might be chores that need to be taken care of in the morning. Some-days you won’t get that time to ‘dress up for work’ first thing in the morning. 

Set your work-space. 

It might work for some and might not for others. Maybe if you are living alone or in a kid-less environment or have a designated room to work, this might be ideal. If you are surrounded by people in the house and are a natural jumping jack, then sitting in that one selected place with a foolproof and fully designed work desk might not be possible. Just make sure you have the chargers/headsets handy and have an ergonomically suited place.

Learn to co-exist.

An addition to my earlier note from WFH WT🐡 – Emotions are going to fly high. It is a stressful period for all, so there might be some meltdowns. Show compassion and empathy. Let out a cry, if needed. 

Hide those snacks. 

As it happens, I lost my appetite to eat a tad bit. While I still eat healthy and on time, when there is not much physical excursion, the snacks don’t look that appealing. I don’t know if it is just me?

Take timely breaks. 

Much needed. 

Schedule chit-chat calls. 

Very much needed but keep it light and comfortable.

Treat your work-space, right.

Always a strict ‘no-food’ zone. 

Take time.

Take that 30 mins or even a quick 15 mins for yourself. Amidst, the work from home, house chores, spending time with family, take that moment to breathe. And yes, work from home is not equal to spending time with family.

I would still say, ‘most important of all, try to remain balanced. Ask help where needed – work or otherwise.’ But also remember that as far as you are being productive and keeping necessary folks at work in the loop, suit yourself on what makes your work from home situation ideal. To each their own. 🙂

Image credits – Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

References – WFH WT🐡 by @gibberishchronicles

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