Do you dread work from home? 

Are you finding ways to tame it? 

Want to be more productive at this hour?

I mean, who wants Devil’s workshops anyway? 

If your answer is a ‘Yes’ to all the above, here are some helpful tips from a soon to be WFH fanatic. 

Burn that bed. 

Just do it. Ok! That might be drastic. Maybe make your bed first thing in the morning.

Get ready! 

No, I am not talking about tucking in a formal shirt in your sweat pants. Put on those real work clothes and groom as you would for a workday at the office. It sets the scene. 

Set your work-space. 

Find an ergonomically suitable spot to sit. Keep the basics handy – chargers, a bottle of water, notepad, and pen. Maybe a soft toy to brainstorm. 

Learn to co-exist.

There might be people in the house — others working from home, on time off, and those who manage it all. Share a helping hand where needed. Be considerate, especially if your work involves a lot of time on calls. The last thing you need at this time is to get kicked out of the house. 

The doorbell will ring. The kids will revolve around you. 

Accept it. 

Hide those snacks. 

It’s tempting, and you probably got all your favorites from the market, fearing a prolonged lock-down. But you know they won’t last if they are in your direct vision. Move them to a less visible spot. 

Take timely breaks. 

Take a walk in the house, do some stretches, speak to the humans at home. So your brain resets. DO NOT go near the snacking area.

Schedule chit-chat calls. 

Use this as a quick remedy to lighten the day and why not turn on the video for added humor. Work from home does not mean zoning out from work buddies. Let them know that you could be as annoying even during social distancing.

Treat your work-space, right. 

I understand it is easy to get carried away on a focused task. However, take your meals/snacks away from the work-space. The only item getting a pass should be a hot beverage if you have the habit of it. Keep track of how many you are drowning in a day.

Learn to switch-off from work-mode, after your shift hours. 

Take time.

You have saved time on your daily commute to work and can now make your meal prep schedule more flexible. Use that time well. 

Most important of all, try to remain balanced. Ask help where needed – work or otherwise. 

Now go on and break a leg, not quite literally, though.

Image credits – Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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