Hang in there.

In the times of isolation and social-distancing, how are you coping?

We hear places being contained or shut down around the world, which means most of us are homebound – either with a break off work or on a work from home. If you are a homemaker, then may the odds be in your favor. 🙏😀 More so, if you have kids in the house. My due respect.

With that said, don’t forget to check-in on your loved ones. How are they coping?
Know someone with a history of mental health disorder(s)?
Especially ones that had/have conditions like anxiety, panic attacks, compulsive habits, and so on. How is their day going? Stay connected. It might be a more challenging time for them than the others. Be patient and hang in there. 🤗

Image credits – Image by Selling of my photos with StockAgencies is not permitted from Pixabay

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