Her world.

There were a lot of tears that day – tears of joy and tears of mourning.
One more than the other. After-all, it was a girl child again?

She grew up naïve and ignorant to the wicked ways of the society. She was out to prove the world within and around wrong, only to accept defeat each time. Years passed, and the vengeance continued. She lost herself in the process of establishing her ground, but it did not matter to her. Until one day, she noticed herself drifting off into what she despised all her life.

She took a stand that day, to leave the world behind and walk ahead alone. Only this time, some of that world applauded, but some still complained. Neither concerned her. She was happy to have finally found herself, after all these years, and she was not going to let go.

Image credits – Image by peter_pyw from Pixabay

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