Fear is a funny thing.

The time was 12:12, a little past midnight.
She heads cautiously to the main door.
Her hands shiver a little as she tries to unlock it.
After a couple of attempts, she finally opens it and steps inside.
The house was dark and quiet. She quickly turns the flash on her phone and switches on the lights.

“Phew,” she lets out a sigh.

She senses something inside that house; the strange noise didn’t help her state of mind. She panics and checks each room, a clean sweep of the entire house. There is one last spot to investigate – the balcony.

She hastily opens the door, takes one look, runs back in and shuts the door tight. “What did I just see?” she thinks, unable to comprehend the events that unfolded. All this while trying to catch her breath and calm her heart down.

A minute passes, and she drops to the floor, laughing her lungs out.
Her nerves calmed down, reality and logic kicked in.

The demon she feared and made eye contact with was a tiny black kitten with big glowing eyes, sitting on the rooftop of the opposite house. It was probably scared out of its mind on what this crazy lady across just did.

Fear is a funny thing. 😀

Image credits – Image by Andii Samperio from Pixabay

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