Another year in.

The New Year sets in, and with everyone suddenly wearing the hat of a philosopher, sharing their wisdom on social media, as a customary ritual. Here is a KT from me; 20 random pointers on stepping into 2020:  😀

  1. Be your goofy self. Laughing at oneself can be quite liberating.
  2. It’s OK to be paranoid in this big evil world. And it is OK not to be OK sometimes. But be sure to give the world the benefit of the doubt, extend the same to others, and your self. 
  3. There is a thin line between making and breaking a person. Be careful of the advice you share; they might have more impact than you would have anticipated. 
  4. Understand and respect that everyone has their own story. You might not accept it but learn to recognize it. 
  5. Accept that things are not as easy as they always seem, but remember whom the fight is against and why it all started. 
  6. Run your race and measure yourself based on where you stand now from where you stood before. Please don’t compare yourself with anyone else; their story and path might be different from yours.
  7. Learn to listen to your bits of advice and internalize that change takes time, but the effort towards making that change is what counts. 
  8. Keep a journal to pour your heart out. If writing is not for you, then talk to yourself standing in front of a mirror. It’s good to have that inner voice come out sometimes. 
  9. Seek help when needed. There is no shame in that. 
  10. Show gratitude. One of the critical leanings we need in life is knowing the difference between needs and wants. And if you have your needs met, then you are at a much better place already then you think. 
  11. Do something outside your comfort zone. Know that it is easier said than done. So, start slow. 
  12. Stare at the sky even if you can’t see any stars. Some say it adds a perspective to life, but for some, it could be a sheer calming factor. 
  13. Pick a day to do nothing. We all need those days where we do nothing and not feel guilty about it. Give yourself the much-needed rest.
  14. Smile at every chance you get. Most people might think you are crazy, but you never know who needed that smile most that day. 
  15. Please don’t shy away from crying when you feel like it. It is natural, and you will feel rejuvenated.  
  16. Support one another. And, realize that sometimes all it takes is to say nothing. Being present is all that matters. 
  17. Surround yourself with people from different backgrounds. There is always more one can learn.
  18. There is a difference between knowing, realizing, accepting, and then doing something about it. ACT. Realization and acceptance are incomplete if there is no intention to act.
  19. Have a vision for yourself. The world might not know about it, and you might not want to share it, and that’s OK. 
  20. Age is just a number. So, be afraid of not growing wiser and not about growing older. 

Happy New Year! 🎉

Image Credits – Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

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