Turning things around.

I am not a podcast enthusiast but follow a certain few that grab my attention. One that recently caught my attention is a Jay Shetty’s podcast that talks about the process of waking up and how most of us look at our phones as soon as we do, which means we push our brain from 0% to 100% on the go by scrolling through emails, social media, etc. Now that got me thinking.

I, of course, know and understand the ill effects of watching the phone before sleeping and waking up to it. But what does that mean for a person who has an early morning work shift? The job I have requires me to log in at 5:30 am with back to back calls till noon on most days. I finish my day around 5:30 pm, ensuring I have breaks in between with a couple of non-work activities. So, I get my workout time and the much-needed time in the sun.  That way, the time is balanced, and I don’t burn out.

One thing I started noticing is that by mid-day, I had this window where I had quite a few yawns. In either of these instances, I was neither sleepy nor bored and was very much productive. But the yawns annoyed me. More so, because I slowly tear up when I do, and that’s not a pretty picture at work. Especially when someone pats on your back to say, Hi, and you have tears rolling down your face like the place is going to flood soon.

After a few embarrassing events, I decided I needed to something about this and started exploring my morning routine. Fortunately, my job allows me to tweak my timings.

My schedule before –

  • Wake up at 5:00 am
  • Check emails to make sure nothing stands as ‘urgent.’
  • Get ready quickly with the whole morning routine of brush, shower, etc.
  • Get to the office by 6:00 am.

Though I have enough sleep through the night, it was a get-go the minute I am awake.

My now schedule –

  • Wake up at 5:00 am
  • Check emails to make sure nothing stands as ‘urgent.’
  • Take priority calls and emails from home
  • Get to the office either by 9:00 am or 11:00 am, based on calls/meetings scheduled for the day.

While this routine is slightly fluid and might vary from day-to-day, and the “getting ready” to work in a phase-wise model, I see this model works. For a simple reason, while the wake-up time has not changed from before, I am not forcing myself to constrict multiple items in a 45 mins window but instead allowing my mind to do this phase-wise and adapt to the day.

The reason I see this model works for me is that I am no more sitting in the office in tears like the world is going to end that minute.

I still need to find a way not to tear up while meditating but let us leave that to another day. 😀

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