What is common sense? 🤔

What is common sense? B once asked, and I said, ‘Common sense is a sense that is not so common.’

Today when the grownups were having an open conversation over a serious matter and like usual, we include B in the talk. A situation erupts, and in that context, someone quotes – ‘That’s a sheer lack of common sense.’ I then turn to B and ask, ‘What is common sense?’

With utmost diction and finesse B answers, Common sense is a sense that is not so common.

While others in the room were stunned by the answer, it was the right answer at the right time. How else would you explain a young person, when asked -?

Why are people rude without reason?

Why do people park in front of no-parking?

Why do people honk at the signal when all they know they can do is wait?

Why do people think everybody’s business is their own & give unsolicited advice?

Why do people hang around the last step on a bus when there is so much space inside?

The never-ending whys’ you cannot reason, with a conscious.

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