Who is smart now?

Do you recall the days before smart phones? When the smartness resided with the humans than their phones. Yes… yes! I agree it is not the technology and it is how you use it. Logically, that is right and makes perfect sense but if only we walk the talk. And in the space of smart phones, me aka I, am the perfect example. This article is probably my sub-conscious mind driving me towards a realization and pushing me to act before I even forget my name. 😛

There was a period in my life where you could ask me a number from my contacts, any contact and trust me when I say I could give you that number without batting an eyelid. You could even desert me in any place and I could always find my way back. There is more to this but let me not brag about what ‘was’.

Then, one day I was introduced to the world of smart phones and can you even imagine what that means to a person who is perpetually lazy. It is THE silver lining, the icing on the cake, the epitome of the epitome. And before I knew it, life happened, years passed and I became a slave of my smart phone. Yes, it is 100% on me. I agree and take full ownership to that.

So, today –

  1. I call my self ‘direction-ally challenged.’ Oh! I can still find my way back but that is purely with the high sense of scent (one of my talents) from the restaurants and cafes I am surrounded by. I am so very glad they don’t move around often.
  2. If it is not on my calendar, it is not on my brain.
  3. I know just the numbers I absolutely need to know; in case I am in a crisis mode.
  4. Spellings and word placements. No bragging but how exceptionally good I was at it. Don’t even get me started on that. 😦
  5. My hand-writing has gone for a toss, as I type more on phones – notes, chats, to-dos, mails, et al. But wait, I think this is an exception because my handwriting was never good to start with. 😀 Lets rule this one out.

So, here is what I have decided now.

First and foremost, I will start slow. I don’t want to surprise my brain. Though this would be more of a shock.

Second, I will start relying less on the auto-suggests and the auto-corrects, even if it takes time to type something. Unless, of course the world is crashing down. And this, this thought right here is exactly the third problem I need to work on. Why on earth would I reach to my phone and what would I even do with it if the world is crashing. Just call/text someone and say, ‘Lets crash together?’ Seriously??? 😀

Anyway, that’s my top 3 for now.

Dear Brain,

I know I might be asking too much off you at this point. I was selfish all these years and neglected you beyond reasoning. I have now come to my senses. Lets work together and make magic. 😀

Your truly.

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