The irony in life.

Is there irony in your life events or is your life itself ironic? The latter seems to be true for me in most cases especially when it comes to food. Needless to say that sums up 90% of my life.

Take the recent event as an example. I have been heavy on sugar for the last few weeks and know that I need to cut down but then there is always tomorrow right?

One day a colleague showed me the trailer to a short film that talks about the negative impact of sugar and worse the ‘hidden’ sugar in food we most often miss.

But again, the problem here for me is not the hidden sugar, mine is rather undeniably in my face. Though the conscious mind and common sense were already present, the visuals on the video made me take a resolution on my new ‘controlled’ sugar diet. I took this decision and layed out a perfect plan in my head and I did all this on my way back from work one day.

I reached the destination and hopped to Coles nearby to get some basics like bread and milk. But what do I see there? The beautifully amazing and ever so delicious red velvet cupcakes that I had ones and were out of stock for over a month now, magically came back in stock and not one, not two but the whole section was fully stacked.

I did what I had to do. I told my willpower, ‘There is always another day.’ and took back a pack with me. Atleast, off the 4 cupcakes in the pack I had only two and shared the other two. That is something I guess.

I have encountered incidents like this a zillion times, over the years of my existence. Looks like universe wants to teach me a lesson on self control, resilience and holding on to will power when it comes to food. I get that, I internalize it and constantly empathize with universes attempts. C’mon it is FOOD, just look at its face. 😀

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